Available Originals  - 
24x24 and larger
Karen Brown
Erin, Ontario 


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Karen Brown Encaustics
Encaustic Mixed Media Artist

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SOLD - Framed 12x12
Framed 12x12
SOLD - Framed 12x12
Framed 12x12
16x20 - Line in the Sand (Original photo by Jon Hurd)
18x6 - Locked On (Original photo by Jon Hurd) - SOLD
6x18 -
12x12 Dreams are made on
Framed 16x20 - SOLD
16x20 - Cheer theyself a little
Some achieve greatness -12x12
12x12 - Food of love
Framed 10x15 - Strength of spring
Framed 12x18 - The ivory tower
Framed 10x15 - By and by
Framed 10x15 -
Framed 12x18 - Mighty oaks
Framed 8x10 - Mum
Framed 8x10 - Jouneys  end- SOLD
9x12 - SOLD
9x12 - SOLD
Framed 8x10 -
Framed 15x20- Autumn breeze
Framed 10x15- Twilights Tears
10x30- Action is Eloquence
14x14 - Never doubt I love
12x48 - Majestic future - SOLD
So shines - 30x62 - Mulitpanel
36x60 - Multipanel
18x36 - Under the veil of darkness - SOLD
24x24 - SOLD
24x24 - The herald of the morn
24x24 - The course of true love
24x24 - From the heart
24x24- A great right - SOLD
24x48 - As driven snow
24x48 - SOLD
24x24 - Defining colours
36x36 - Play on
22x30 - A summers day
Available Originals  - 
Under 24x24
Exhibits on Display

Granite Room Gallery
Granite Ridge Golf Club
9503 Dublin Line
Milton, ON  L9T 2X7

The Teak Barn
8809 Wellington County Road 124
Erin,ON  N1H 6H7