For more information about any of the pieces on this site or to commission a new piece please contact Karen.

Commissioned pieces are always welcomed.  Any of the images on this site may be uniquely made for you, custom size or colours. I also produce custom encaustic cards, photoencaustic art and multi-medium art pieces for your pleasure.
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If you love my work but require a different size, subject or colour palette I would be happy to create a custom made work of art just for you. Whether the art is for your residence or place of business, custom work is a great way to get exactly what you want
Art by Karen Brown


  1. 'This above all'
    'This above all'
  2. 'Add another hue'
    'Add another hue'
  3. SOLD
  4. SOLD
  5. Play on
    Play on
  6. 'Whats done'
    'Whats done'
  7. 'Watchman to my heart
    'Watchman to my heart
  8. SOLD - Line in the sand II
    SOLD - Line in the sand II
  9. 'From the heart'
    'From the heart'
  10. 'Defining colours'
    'Defining colours'
  11. SOLD
  12. 'Good in everything'
    'Good in everything'
  13. 'Let old wrinkles come'
    'Let old wrinkles come'
  14. 'As driven snow'
    'As driven snow'
  15. SOLD
  16. 'One blushing'
    'One blushing'
  17. 'This good lesson'
    'This good lesson'
  18. 'Autumn intuitive'
    'Autumn intuitive'
  19. 'And it must follow'
    'And it must follow'
  20. 'Heard no more'
    'Heard no more'
  21. 'Herald of the morn'
    'Herald of the morn'
  22. 'Whips and scorns of time'
    'Whips and scorns of time'
  23. 'Invisible spirit'
    'Invisible spirit'
  24. 'Strength of spring'
    'Strength of spring'
  25. untitled
  26. untitled
  27. untitled
  28. untitled
  29. untitled
  30. untitled
  31. Original encaustic art cards
    Original encaustic art cards
  32. Dream of innocence
    Dream of innocence
  33. Chapter and verse
    Chapter and verse
  34. Primrose path
    Primrose path